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Who is this guy?

My name is Joshua Duke. In 2008 after finally finding a steady job, I found that I had money to pursue my hobbies! I traded in my old Canon Rebel G film camera and got myself a shiny (used) Canon Digital Rebel XT. With that in hand I needed things to shoot! After getting bored of the things around me, I decided that maybe traveling would be the thing for me. That April, I took a trip to Japan and immediately fell in love with the country. I was dropped into the rabbit hole that is the world of traveling and I haven’t looked back! Seeing the cultures, meeting the people, and going places that most people never get to. While my photos started out as just for me to keep my memories in order and give me tangible evidence of what I have done and where I have gone, I have learned that people thought they were good. So, here I am, putting a toe in the water that is starting a small side business. From selling prints of where I have been, to snapping shots for friends and families, to hitting the music scene to get a few bands in my line of sight. Let’s see where this crazy choice leads me!